Tammy:  Owner

Tammy has always had a passion for baking pies.  She and her sisters were raised in the kitchen at home, at her grandparents' and aunt's kitchens as well.  Recipes have been passed down for years and many of the family pie recipes are used at Just Pies.  Tammy is married to Tommy and they live in Chapel Hill.  They have 2 daughters and son-in-laws and 1 baby grandson, who is the delight of their lives!  

Denise Weaver:  Manager


Denise is Tammy Harden’s sister and the manager of Just Pies.  Denise is married to Keith Weaver.  They live in Tyler Texas.  Denise and Keith have been in the ministry for 35 years.  They have 2 grown children and 3 beautiful granddaughters.  Denise’s mom, grandmothers and aunts were all great cooks and most of her memories are in the kitchen cooking with them.  If the family was together, you could bet they’d be huddled in the kitchen making memories.

Debbie Cannon:  Asst Manager


Debbie was raised and still lives in  Beckville, Texas.  She has 2 sons, Ryan and Adam, both in college now.  Debbie is the Praise and Worship leader at her church.  Debbie joined Just Pies in February of 2019.  Debbie, too, was raised in her dad’s and grandmother’s kitchens, learning to cook.  Little did Debbie know the God-given talent she had to make beautiful wedding, holiday and special event pies, until she began experimenting at the pie shop.  Her work of art on pies is exquisite!!

Daniela:  Baker II


Daniela is from Waskom, Texas.  Her mother teaches school there.  Daniela came to just pies to help on the front end of things, but ended up being a fantastic baker!  She is attending culinary classes at TJC and has a dream of owning her own bakery one day.  Daniela is committed worker and a loyal employee at Just Pies. 


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